Issue Advocacy

Affordable health care for all is our top issue right now.

Affordable Health Care

Our health care system is a cruel nightmare for most everyone, and people say it is broken. However, it is not at all dysfunctional for the small wealthy elite who enjoy lavish profits off of everyone else’s hardship. The system works perfectly for the heads of insurance and drug companies and their large stockholders, who profiteer on an unprecedented scale by controlling the price and access to a basic human need. Read More >>

Worker Justice and Living Wages

Living wages and fair treatment for workers is a key part of economic justice, and the Citizens Federation has worked hard on this issue. We played a key role in creating Duluth’s Living Wage Ordinance in 1997, and helped get a Card Check Ordinance passed in 2006 so that workers at subsidized hotels and restaurants would have an easier time to create unions for themselves. Read More >>

Fair Utility and Energy Rates

The cost of essential services, like household utilities, is a huge problem if you are moderate or low income. The Citizens Federation has devoted a lot of energy to tackling this problem, and we have great results to show for our efforts. Read More >>

Fair Taxes

The Citizens Federation believes in taxes that are fair and progressive, based on people’s ability to pay. In the mid 1970’s, we helped win Minnesota’s tax relief programs called the Property Tax Circutbreaker and Renter’s Credit, to give rebates back to people in regard to their incomes and the burden of their home taxes or rent. We advocate for progressive income taxes, so that lower and middle income people pay a smaller percent of their income in taxes than the rich. This would make the tax burden affordable to all, and fairly distributed. Read More >>