Information you need on key topics

Most everyone has information overload on health care these days: If it isn’t Medicare or insurance, then it’s worry about the new federal health care reform (Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare.” It’s bad enough that each of these is extremely complicated. On top of that, there’s a great deal of deliberate misinformation everywhere, stemming from vested interests.

Even Social Security can also be confusing some times, although it is comparatively simple.

When it comes to Medicare and insurance, especially for people just turning 65 and getting on it for the first time, the complexities and choices are overwhelming.

You can’t trust what the insurance companies say, because they just want to sell you their product and make a profit off of you. As for the government, their official information on Medicare is written by bureaucrats in language that ordinary people can’t understand.

That’s where the Citizens Federation comes in: We digest, boil down to the essentials, and explain these topics in ways that make sense for you. We also explain why they are the way they are – and that helps you understand even more fully. With us, you’re getting the true consumer perspective, with your interests and pocketbook at heart.

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