Medicare Classes now available

New!   Information Classes on Medicare

— from a Consumer Advocate viewpoint –

Would you like to solve the confusing puzzle of Medicare, without an insurance sales pitch or government mumbo-jumbo?

Do you want to learn how to be a smart shopper when you buy an insurance policy to supplement Medicare, and  save money when you buy your Medicare plan?

The Citizens Federation’s Medicare Class will give you:

* Straight talk from a highly experienced consumer advocate, in clear language, without bureaucratic jargon or insurance company hype.

* True objective and useful information, with NO hidden agenda.   We don’t sell any insurance policies, or get any kind of revenue from them.

* Tools to systematically compare insurance policies, to find the best value for YOU.

This is an interactive presentation.  Plus, you will get handouts to take home.  We make time for and welcome your questions.

This seminar could save you hundreds of dollars each year.    You could learn how to pick a policy that costs $50 or more a month less than another one with the same coverage.

Seminars will be given on a variety of dates and locations.

Seminars will be held on these dates and locations in the Duluth area:

Mon.,  Nov. 26    10:00 AM, Grace Lutheran Church, 5454 Miller Trunk Hwy, Hermantown

Mon.,  Nov. 26    2:00 PM,  Ordean Building, 424 W. Superior St.


Tues.,  Nov. 27    11:00 AM,   Ordean Building, 424 W. Superior St.


Weds., Nov . 28   10 to  11:30 AM, Grace Lutheran Church, 5454 Miller Trunk Hwy, Hermantown

Weds.,  Nov. 28    2:00 PM,   Ordean Building, 424 W. Superior St.


Mon.,   Dec. 3      1 to 2:30 PM,  Grace Lutheran Church, 5454 Miller Trunk Hwy, Hermantown

Why pay for this?

Sure, you could go to a Medicare Information workshop for FREE, held by an insurance company.  But, you will be get a slanted view from them that doesn’t tell the whole story.  The insurance companies can easily give these for free, because they expect to make large profits from their sales.

Our Medicare Seminars are the ONLY ones available from a true consumer advocate perspective.   Our fee covers our costs, nothing more.  We can tell the truth about the insurance companies and the government, because we are not indebted to either of them.    To learn more about our consumer advocate track record, click here

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