Consumer Watchdog for 40 years

Here’s what Duluth’s consumer watchdog group has done for you!

The Minnesota Citizens Federation Northeast has been working on behalf of consumers in the Duluth area and beyond, for over 40 years.



* Serve as Duluth’s electric rate watchdogs. We have been saving everyone’s Minnesota Power residential electric bills from $200 to $300 a year in extra charges, for the past 40 years. Our most recent success doing just this was early this year, 2018!

* If your electricity is included in your rent, then our successes have helped avoid bigger hikes in your rent payments.

* Push for renewable energy to produce electricity, because it will help hold down our electric bills, as well as slow down climate change.

For more details on our electric rate work, click here.


* Educate people on the truth of Medicare and Social Security’s finances, debunk the myths, and show how we CAN protect and preserve these important programs without cutting benefits.

  • NEW:  Check our our weekly Medicare Consumer Blog, with lots of useful info about Medicare and insurance.  Click here.
  • COMING  in September:  Information Seminars on Medicare:  Learn how to shop for a policy.  Clear up the confusion about Medicare.


* Continually oppose the insurance companies’ profiteering off of health care which adds huge, unnecessary expense.  Our research even spurred a federal investigation into insurance company over-billing.

* Consistently pushed for health care reforms, especially at the state level, to make care and coverage affordable and fair to everyone, while bringing down overall costs.


The Citizens Federation was founded in 1975 as the Duluth Senior Coalition, later named the MN Senior Federation Northeast, and more recently known as MN Citizens Federation NE.

We are a non-profit membership organization.  Our mission is economic justice.

We advocate for changes in public policy to help consumers afford the essential services that everyone needs, especially health care and energy.   We also have had successes in tax reform, holding down gasoline and garbage service prices, and helping low-wage workers get better pay and benefits.  In addition, we help hundreds of low income people individually with their health care costs.

We are non-partisan.  When we advocate for public policy, it is for the benefit of low and middle income consumers – NOT any political party.  Many public officials acknowledge our expertise, including our original research.

We are among a group of about 40 health care expert consumer advocacy groups around the country which are part of an information-sharing network created by Consumers Union (publisher of Consumer Reports magazine).

We are also part of Greater Minnesota Health Care Coalition, which represents health care consumers in Northeastern and Central Minnesota.