Our victory on electric rates will save households about $200/year

The Citizens Federation, along with its allies, has won a big victory for consumers:  We staved off Minnesota Power’s rate hike of about $225 per year (22%) down to just $36 per year (3.5%).  The MN Public Utilities Commission (PUC), in its decision at the end of January, agreed with our points.   The result is a very small hike of about $3 per month, a fraction of what had been proposed. People will save almost $200 per year, compared to what was requested by MN Power.  A temporary interim hike of 5% was imposed in Jan., 2017, and since that is more than the final verdict of 3.5% increase, consumers will receive a modest refund in their bills, later on this year.

Low rate for low use preserved

A key issue in the rate case was MN Power’s desire to put the largest increases on residential users  (in order to lower rates for big industry), and to put even bigger hikes of 27% on people who use the least energy.    Over the past 40 years, MN Power has repeatedly attempted to shift rate expense from the big industrial customers onto residential ratepayers.   They keep saying that the residential rates are overpriced, and are subsidizing residential rates, which are under-priced.

However, The Citizens Federation has shown time and again that this isn’t the case, and the PUC has repeatedly agreed with us.     One factor in the PUC’s decisions, in case after case, is a consideration for the relatively low incomes in this part of the state, and how hikes of the size requested by MN Power are too big for many people to bear.  A key part in the latest PUC decision was a ruling that MN Power did not need to have quite as high of a profit percentage as they were seeking.

Learn results of the MN Power rate case, and their plan to build a new power plant

Tues., Feb. 20
Two times:  1 PM, and 7 PM

Coppertop Church, 230 E. Skyline Pkwy, Duluth

Hosted by:  MN Citizens Federation NE;  MN Interfaith Power & Light; and MN Citizens Utilitiy Board

#1:  Victory on Electric Rate Case:
We succeeded in defeating most all of MN Power’s proposed hike on residential electric rates!
Come find out the details — what will happen to your electric bill.

#2:  Prepare to Challenge New Gas-Fired Power Plant:

MN Power wants to build an expensive natural gas-fired power plant in Superior, WI, and have us pay for it.
It is not needed.  Cleaner, less costly alternatives exist.
Find out the details, and prepare to attend the MN Public Utility Commission’s Public Hearing on this:
Weds., Feb. 28, 4 PM, Inn on the Lake, Duluth