Prescription Program


The Canadian pharmacy mail order network we have been using is shutting down effective July 18, 2018. 

Our Prescription Partnership Program will end at that time.

Our Prescription Partnership Program helps
you find low cost brand name drugs

The Prescription Partnership Program can save you 50% on medications.

What will I Save?

You will save a large amount on BRAND NAME drugs. Average savings are about 50%. For some of the highest-cost  brand name drugs, savings are as high as 75%. We can get you the lowest prices available for almost all brand name drugs! This program was created by our statewide organization, the Greater Minnesota Health Care Coalition. It is available to people living anywhere in the U.S.!

Canadian prices for generic drugs, however, are about the SAME as U.S. prices.

How it Works

We can tell you if the meds you need are available, and at what price – before you decide to order. We work with a pharmacy network in Canada, based in Winnipeg. You must have valid prescriptions from your doctor(s). It is easiest and quickest to pay by credit card, in which case you receive your drugs in the mail usually in 14 days from Canada.

Who is Eligible

Anyone 18 or older, residing anywhere in the U.S., who:

  • Is a member of MN Citizens-Fed NE ($30 annual dues); and
  • Signs up for the Drug Import Program ($5 annual fee)

Get a Free Price Quote first, and then decide

To get your free price quote on the medications you need, you can call us at (218) 727-0207, Mon – Fri, 9am to 5pm (Central Time), or send an email to:

You can also use this handy form to submit your price quote request:

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If you decide to use our program once you receive our price quote, we will mail you specific instructions and forms, which you can return to us, along with your $35 annual payment ($30 dues plus $5 drug program fee)

Importation Pros and Cons:

You may have heard controversial things about importing prescription drugs from Canada. Yet, millions of Americans are already doing it. Several city and state governments now do it for their employees – including Minnesota. From Canada, we obtain very low prices on brand name drugs, but not on generics.

The most reliable way to get drugs from Canada is to use a long-standing Pharmacy with face to face customers, and fully regulated by the Canadian government, rather then to buy from an operation that is exclusively mail order.

The pharmacy network, based in Manitoba, that we are connected has provided similar services to many groups in the U.S., including the State of Minnesota, which vetted it for a  state employees’ import drug option program

The Big Picture

Our Goal is to speed the day when much lower prices are available in the USA, either by allowing US pharmacies to import their supply, or through price controls.